Custom-Branded Laptop Stands as Your Next Swag

Strengthen your brand with this healthy and unique swag for your potential customers, existing clients, and employees.

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White Label Laptop Stand

Your Next Marketing & HR Quick Win

  • High Visibility

    These portable laptop stands will showcase your logo by their users at offices, co-working spaces, coffee shops, etc.

  • One size fits all

    T-shirts and other apparel can be difficult to order in correct sizes, while our one-size laptop stand fits 99% of laptops.

  • Low Minimums, Affordable Price

    We made branded high quality merchendise accessible even for small teams.

Wooden Laptop Stand Swag

Stand Out From The Crowd

Be one of the firsts to have branded laptop stands to get people to talk about your brand and services.

Use your laptop stands as:

  • Work-from-home perk for employees
  • Conference swag
  • Event merchendise (meetups, hackathones)
  • Gifts for clients & prospects
  • Corporate gift

Improve Wellness

Our vision is to make ergonomic workspace more accessible. Laptop stands decrease neck and back pain caused by using laptops. Using them is probably the easiest way to improve your people’s productivity and happiness levels.

Ergonomic works with a laptop stand

Our Clients

  • “We gave away almost a thousand laptop stands at conferences around the world during 2019. The delivery was always on time and, most importantly, the conference participants loved our unique swag!"

    Valentina Colombo
    Head of Community at Sketch
  • "We’ve been looking for a unique swag for gifts for our events. We came across these custom-branded laptop stands. The stand received a great feedback from our prospects and provided a good exposure to our brand.”

    Shaked Goldstein
    Business Manager at Samsung NEXT
  • “We used the stands as a gift to our remote team members to provide them a more healthy workspace. We’re also considering to use them as a perk for our upcoming crowdsourcing campaign.”

    Eden Vidal
    CEO at Relate
For Co-Working Spaces

Improve your members wellness and satisfaction levels, show them that you care.

  • Increase conversion, reduce churn

    Ergonomic workspace option gives another reason to sign up and less reasons to leave.

  • Differentiate from competitors

    Show that you care more than other co-working spaces.

  • Extend your brand

    Put your own logo on the side (optional).

  • Use as merchandise

    Unique and useful gift for your events, welcome kits, etc.

Packaged branded wood laptop stand

Get your healthy, unique and highly visible swag now.

Low minimums, affordable price.

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