Wooden Laptop Stand DIY — Open-Sourced Design

Vector files for laser cutting or CNC milling of a plywood laptop stand. The production files are in the next formats: PDF, AI and SVG.

Build a portable and light weight laptop stand for a better posture — assemble and disassemble in a second. Create a better air circulation around your laptop and improve your workspace ergonomics.

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"To make ergonomic workspaces more accessible we open-source our design so anyone can build one themselves for a personal use with some help of their local laser cut service providers."


To cut this laptop stand you’ll need to find a laser cutting or CNC milling service provider (just google “laser cut [name of your area]”).

  • Plywood

    Thickness: 5mm / 6mm

    Files include both options in case you don’t have one of the sizes available in your area.

  • Sanding paper

    Grit: P60 - P120

    For final finishes to the notches and the edges.

  • Oil

    Sunflower / Olive / Linseed

    Brush a gentle layer of oil on the top of the plywood after sanding.

  • Sponge

    Use it to brush the oil over the wood.

Custom thickness plywood

In case you’d like to use a plywood with a thickness different from 5mm or 6mm, please adjust the connecting notches in the file to be wide as your plywood thickness plus 0.2mm. So if you’re using a 7mm plywood, the notch should be 7.2mm wide.

The notches in this product are a bit loose in purpose. It allows to make the stand better adjust for unperfectly flat surfaces and make it quicker to assemble/disassemble.

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